Pickled Green Tomatoes

I only had a handful of green cherry tomatoes, so I opted not to can them, but refrigerate them instead.  I used a recipe from Williams-Sonoma The Art of Preserving.

Cider vinegar
Kosher salt
Bay leaves
Pickling spice
Dill seeds
Fresh Dill sprigs
Celery seeds
Yellow onion
Green cherry tomatoes

The pickling spice, also from the cookbook, contains:
Cinnamon stick
Bay leaves
Mustard seeds
Coriander seeds
Mixed peppercorns
Dill seeds
Red pepper flakes

I let the jar sit out until it cooled and then put it in the refrigerator.  I think I’ll give it a day or two to sit and then try them.  Check back for an update in a few days!

Today should be the last day of blurry pictures, because I finally found the charger for my camera!

Update after a week:  Both the tomatoes and onions are delicious and amazing!

3 responses to “Pickled Green Tomatoes

  1. Yum, pickles! I usually give my pickles two weeks before trying them, but I guess vinegar might soak into tomatoes faster than cucumbers.

  2. I think they might be. Salt and vinegar both inhibit bacterial growth, and have been used to preserve food since before we even knew what bacteria were. I’d be comfortable eating raw tomatoes after a week in the refrigerator…why would we not expect pickled tomatoes to last significantly longer?

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