Tortillas are quick, easy, and delicious

Alright, so not the greatest picture or the most elegant meal, but man are they good!  Andrew and I got back late from my first prenatal appointment today, where we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat!, and we were already hungry.  These tortillas can be made in no time at all, so in about fifteen minutes we had lunch.  My parents got an electric tortilla press when I was pretty young, and right away I started making the basic tortilla recipe that it came with.  Since then, I’ve modified it in different ways depending on the dish I’m making.  These aren’t traditional tortillas; they’re made with white flour, salt, olive oil, and water, but they’re great plain or with beans, cheese, and other filling.  To make them extra-pretty, sometimes I’ll chop up cilantro and work it into the dough.

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