My journey

Two of my main passions are languages and food.  If I could choose my ideal job, I would be a full-time Italian teacher, but for now I’m enjoying cooking.  This blog is about my food journey while pregnant.  I dropped out of veterinary school halfway through the first semester, and ten weeks pregnant, to follow my passions.

And yes, I do like to cook barefoot, though smartwool socks are awesome too.

2 responses to “My journey

  1. Follow your bliss.

    You’ll never regret it.


  2. You are amazing, Rebecca! I salute you for following your passion! I’m following in your footsteps (just quit my job and hitched a ride out to Boulder, CO), and hope to find things as joyous for me as cooking and Italian are for you!
    And I’m so excited about this blog of yours!

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